We’re a supplement company and we’ve developed some awesome products for ravers and EDM enthusiasts. 

Do you…

  • Attend music festivals like Coachella and Outsidelands?
  • Attend mega EDM raves like EDC and ULTRA?
  • Go to huge circuit events like White Party Palm Springs, Matinee Las Vegas, or Gay Days?
  • Are you a Burner?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, RaveSafer is DEFINITELY for you!

We’ve designed a line of harm-reduction supplements specifically formulated to be effective in giving your body everything it needs to fully enjoy the intense stimulation that comes with attending raves, dance parties, festivals, and clubs without all of the potentially harmful side effects.

Before events you can prepare your body with Prepar-E, a serotonin enhancing, immune system boosting supplement pack that is proven to:

  • Stimulate the body’s natural serotonin production
  • Reduce jaw clenching and lip biting
  • Eat away dangerous free-radicals to reduce neurotoxicity in the brain
  • Boost immune system

After events you can eliminate come-down or “rave over” feelings with Recover-E, a natural recovery supplement loaded with antioxidants and amino acids that are proven to:

  • Help the body quickly replenish serotonin levels
  • Aid in getting to sleep without the need of habit forming sleep medications
  • Regulate body temperature to ward off shivers, hyperthermia, or irregular temperature
  • Boost immune system in time of fatigue with powerful antioxidants

RaveSafer Supplement Packs are the real deal!  They are the result of years of scientific research and development.  We’ve done all of the work for you!  All you need to do is bring them along to your next big event!